Alfonso and Melchizedek Todd, brothers (creative writers, artists, developers, entrepreneurs), have been developing imaginative  ideas, projects, and concepts since their youth, when they used to create their own comic series. As adults, "Mel" has founded WEAPON PRESS INTERNATIONAL /, a comic book company established over 10 years ago and "Al" has pursued endeavors that have included event coordination, promotions, marketing, and brand development. 

They reunited in order to develop  a new project in 2016 and their goal is to create a character that would appeal to the public and assist in cultivating a movement that would inspire others to initiate and launch similar enterprises internationally.  

 Alfonso developed a "steampunk anti-hero" named General T. Osnofla after investigating  the many lifestyles /genres involved in steampunk, anime, fantasy, etc. Melchezidek agreed to partner and infuse his artistic qualities into the "mix".  Their strategy is to create a quarterly graphic novel series, artistic prints, (as well as other merchandise), and obtain bookings to promote "The General" and cultivate a following in the United States and beyond. 

Entrepreneurship is the mindset they are attempting to encourage and they want to show others that it is possible to monetize their talents and be apart of an industry  they already enjoy.