General T. Osnofla
Personal Information: Aware, cautious, meticulous, wary
Personal Interests: Seeking knowledge, wisdom, and understanding; battling for the safety of those who cannot fight for themselves...     
Height: 5'8
Weight: 200
Weaponry: Futuristic battle rifle that fires ammunition that includes armor piercing bullets, heat lasers, and smoke bombs
Armor: None
Accessories: Heat and cold sensing goggles with night vision, lightweight bullet and fireproof tunic-like uniform, all terrain gloves / boots

Super Natural Abilities: Owner of the KEY OF TRANS DIMENSIONAL Time Travel which transports him to different dimensions / time locations (unfortunately, he only obtained the first part of the incantation to open the portal but not the remaining words to get to a specific location; so he is randomly searching, traveling, and attempting to obtain the final piece of information needed to use this powerful object he possesses)

Origin: A loving husband / father loses family due to an attack of supernatural horrors. He spends time wandering the earth trying to figure out WHY life has dealt him this situation. He learns about a KEY OF TRANS-DIMENSIONAL TIME TRAVEL that may be able transport him back to that exact moment of his family's attack and perhaps can prevent it. He travels around the world and eventually finds it, but discovers he cannot control it. So, he is now going through different dimensions and time warps (with individuals who have voluntarily joined his pilgrimmage along the way, his group of Renegades) hoping to find the origin of the Key, how to control its'
use, and eventually get back to the moment in time to save his family.

Short Description: Skeptical, but sensing their need and seeing a chance for redemption, he agreed.

Impressum: General T. Osnofla, developed and created by Alfonso Todd III  and The Epicenter Consulting  All branding and marketing owned solely by Alfonso Todd III.

Long Description: A Dynamic Steampunk action anti - hero...

Graphic Artist: Melchizedek Todd WEAPON PRESS INTERNATIONAL